Self-Compassion and Self-Reflection

It’s about time we were a little more kind to ourselves

Laura Maloney from The Self Set

Does all the sugar-coated self-help advice you see on IG leave you feeling a little… guilty? So many self-improvement gurus and self-love influencers make it sound so easy.

“Just stop thinking negative thoughts.”
“Just love yourself.”

As if it’s that easy…

You’re not failing, you’re not falling behind

What many self-help experts don’t mention is that no meaningful changes can happen without SELF-COMPASSION.

It’s about meeting yourself where you are, learning to accept and embrace the parts of you that you don’t like, and understanding why and how you want to make changes in your life.

It takes time. It takes patience. It takes vulnerability. It takes strength. It takes courage. It takes self-reflection. It takes love.

Finding the strategies that work for YOU

Why do we expect mental health advice to be one-size-fits-all? We all have different experiences, strengths, motivations, and weaknesses. One self-help book isn’t going to be the answer for everybody.

That’s why The Self Set focuses on self-reflection.

We take the psychology strategies shared by therapists and guide you to find whether or not certain practices work for you.

We offer self-reflection journal prompts to help you come up with your answers and uncover who you are and what you need.