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The Problem with Toxic Positivity

I’m sorry if I’ve ever said “it’ll be okay, you just gotta be positive.”⁣

I was a “grin and bear it” and a “fake it til you make it” ind of person for a long time.

I fell into the belief that if you shove down any negative emotions you experience, they’ll eventually go away on their own.

They don’t.

Whatever you’re bottling up, one way or another, it’s going to come out.

For me, it showed up as anxiety, night terrors, intrusive thoughts, and ultimately blowing-up at someone who did nothing wrong.

Bottling up the issues led to my bottle bursting.

But yet we’re somehow told that this is the way to live.

Toxic positivity tells you you’re supposed to be happy.

Good vibes only, right?

So when you’re facing stress, anger, sadness, or what-have-you, toxic positivity tells you to ignore it. Vwala, it’s gone! All better!

Not so much…

I think it’s important that we show ourselves some self-compassion and allow ourselves to feel however we freaking feel.

If I’m feeling anxious, I’m gonna say it.⁣
If I’m feeling sad, I’m gonna really feel it.⁣

That’s how we prevent the s***storm of unresolved issues from hitting land.

It’s how we work through the mess in our heads instead of painting over it.

How do you feel about toxic positivity? Have you ever supressed how you were feeling for the sake of being positive?

I’d love to hear what you think. Drop a comment over on IG sharing your thoughts.

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