Self-Care, Self-Love, and Self-Improvement

Note to self: stop saying sorry so much.

Could you please stop apologizing for speaking up?

You have every right to say what’s on your mind.

While we’re at it, maybe it’s time you stop asking others to excuse the way you look on a Monday morning.

You have to obligation to look a certain way. Quit the “sorry I look like a mess” comment and just show up as you are.

We tend to get in the habit of saying sorry a little too much.  Sometimes we don’t even notice we’re apologizing, it just comes out automatically.⁣

For instance, have you apologized when a stranger has bumped into YOU or have you apologized for disagreeing with a coworker?⁣

The problem with saying sorry like this is that it convinces yourself and others that your voice, actions, and existence is worthy of remorse. ⁣

Stop apologizing for being human. ⁣

Save apologies for major mistakes.

If you’re just living your life, taking up space, being authentic and honest…

you have nothing to feel sorry for.

Do you apologize too much everyday?

Drop a comment on this IG post telling me how often “sorry” shows up in your life.

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In order to build more confidence in ourselves, we need to learn to live unapologetically. Stop saying sorry for speaking your mind and stop apologizing for how you look.

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