Self-Compassion and Self-Reflection

Create your confidence GUIDED JOURNAL

The psychology-backed 60-day guide to overcoming insecurities and learning to love your body.

Real, empowering guide to build confidence

Not sugar-coated.
This is a psychology-backed, effective process to retrain your brain over time.
Here’s what you’ll find inside your copy of the “Create Your Confidence” Guided Journal:


Walks you through the process of cognitive reframing. Use it again and again to strengthen your skill.


Reflect on the confidence you’ve built and plan ahead for more success.

Inspo from
life coaches

Nandi Camille, Erin Michelle, and Lauren Villegas share helpful advice throughout the journal.


It has only been a few days but I already feel more confident and have better self-esteem. I’m really enjoying the journey and watching myself grow. I didn’t realize how much I was really insecure about and now that I’m exploring why I have these insecurities.



26 years old