Self-Care, Self-Love, and Self-Improvement

Need a motivation-boost for the new week? Here are some helpful thoughts to think before you start work. (Psst these are also great ways to fight those Sunday-scaries).

Repeat these affirmations to yourself during your drive or write it on a stickynote and stick it to your mirror.

  1. I’m capable of so much more than I give myself credit for

  2. I’m excited to make the most of a new week.

  3. I can feel nervous, anxious, stressed, or unsure — and still take action.

  4. I’m grateful for these opportunities to learn and grow.

  5. My value as a person is not based on my productivity.

  6. I don’t need to impress anybody, I only want to make myself proud.

  7. I can handle any challenges this week throws at me.

  8. I value what I do and what I create.

  9. I’m excited to find joy in each day of this coming week.

  10. I feel prepared and energized, eager to face the new experiences this week will offer.

What’s your favorite affirmation? What motto motivates you to take on a new day?

Be sure to save this pin for later (or save it to your phone as a reminder)

three motivational affirmations to help you start a new week feeling productive and confident

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